6 more ways to work with food influencers

Collaborating with food influencers spreads awareness of your brand if you work in this industry. Here are six more ways to achieve this highly effective marketing goal.

1. Marketing campaign

If you’re trying to launch a new marketing campaign, advertise an innovative product or spread the word about an exciting promotion or competition, you can make this happen a lot easier and faster with the help of influencers. Target key trendsetters with the news or information, and encourage them to share with their followers, to increase awareness.

2. Create content

Work with influencers to create relevant and engaging food-related content that can be published on your site and social media platforms. By utilising your influencers’ skills and knowledge, you can create a wide range of content, from how-to guides, to recipes, top ten lists and video demonstrations. If you work with credible and respected influencers, the content created will quickly get shared, allowing you to steadily grow an army of followers.

3. Product co-creation

One way to get audiences talking about your brand is to team up with influencers and work together to create a joint offering. For example, owners of a catering fridge, such as from fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/catering-equipment could work together with a celebrity chef to create chilled meals suitable for storing in the catering fridge.

4. Cookbook sponsoring

A great way to increase awareness of your brand is by sponsoring an influencer who is creating a cookbook. By including your food products in the book, you widen your audience reach. The book can also be sold at outlets where your products are for sale, to further boost revenues.

5. Host an event

Get your ambassador or influencer to host an event or make an in-store appearance to promote your brand. This is an effective way to let consumers connect with your products or services. According to Business2Community hosting an event that your guests love also gives you an opportunity to make it a regular date.

6. Invite influencers to an event

As well as having influencers headline an event, host an event yourself and invite key trendsetters along to experience what you have to offer. Whether you’re showcasing a new cookery gadget or healthy recipe, if you put on a good show, these influencers are likely to shout about your offering on their blogs or social media pages.