Football is not Soccer, language is everything .

While we share many similarities with our cousins in North America there are some very obvious differences when it comes to how we view words and their pronunciation. The first thing to say is that we can’t be too sniffy in the UK about this. You have to remember that the first settlers to the New World of North America were a mixture of Pilgrim Fathers (and mothers and daughters I might add) and Highlanders thrown off their crofts by the Lairds to make way for sheep in the Highland Clearances. The upshot of this is whilst we in the UK found our language changing and shifting the version of English and how it is spoke might be purer in American English. On that bombshell let’s have a look at some examples.

The thing to remember is that North Americans pronounce, and spell words more phonetically than we do. For example, in the recent Strictly Come Dancing finals Ashley Roberts further riled the voting public, aside from whole professional dancer issue, by saying she was excited to be in the semI rather than semE. This seems a little unfair but it’s the same when the USA get into a World Cup. All over the world it is pronounced the Football world cup (its FIFA not FISA) but as soon as they get the chance its all Soccer this and Soccer that. Although you can still find Soccer Training videos at just as much as you can find football videos.

Again, to be fair, it must annoy them when we call their football American Football, or worse Helmet Rugby. For some reason Garage becomes Garahaj and Aluminium become Aloominumm. You must respect a British actor that refuses to say it that way. Patrick Stewart in Star Trek springs to mind and it must kill Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead to say it, however as he is supposed to be playing a resident of Atlanta, you’d expect him to make some sacrifices.

Its not just pronouncing it is also written. Color for example, the u become superfluous to them. Meter and Center for another. I mean, just because it sounds like that doesn’t mean we have to dispense with it being tre. Don’t get me started on their weird obsession with substituting the letter z for s in long words. Organization for example and Industrialization how many times have you type that in only for the Microsoft robots to stick that wavy red line in there to make you doubt yourself.