My Best Speech If I Were The President of Pakistan

My Finest Speech If I Have been The President of Pakistan

If I had been the introduced of Pakistan in life we have now a lot need however general need cannot be fulfilled and generally the accomplishment of those needs look past our strategy. we are able to solely see some dream just like the given matter earlier than mendacity on our mattress within the evening and subsequent day maybe a few of us attempt to accomplish these dream with a brand new spirit and willpower I’ve additionally such a dream of turning into the president of Pakistan. at this time i wish to share my dream with all of you. the query is that if I’ve the president of Pakistan what would I do for this nation and what could be my priorities. Though at this time Pakistan is going through so many issues which ought to be solved however maybe with the intention to clear up all these issues the interval of 5 years appear to be quick and inadequate for example bribery unemployment, injustice, jobbery, nepotism, and demoralization. but when i got the prospect of turning into a president of Pakistan. I would like to get rid of the principle drawback which is the foundation reason behind all these issues and that’s low way of life in Pakistan like poverty, we should always preserve it in a view above-mentioned drawback inform that point we can overcome the poverty.

The query how is the poverty may be overcome? if i got the chance of turning into the president then, to start with, i’ll make sure the alternatives of employment As the principle drawback in as of late is the bribe and due to it deserves being uncared for very bitterly. In consequence, deserving individuals are being disadvantaged of their rights. so they’re compelled to selected the improper methods and from these elements, there isn’t a approach again from them. i’ll attempt to present affordable and correct alternatives of employment for adults in order that the deserving folks not use the weapon to grab their rights. which is happing in our nation. My second precedence is to be self-sufficient. at this time we’re dependent and taking assist from different international locations, in consequence, our nation has been entrapped within the internet of money owed and we’re unable to seek out any technique to come out of all these money owed. for this I’ll band the outer assist to start with of programs we should face many issues however in a while it will likely be useful in making our subsequent era unbiased and free from the burden of money owed. One other main drawback of our nation is “water supply” we have now solely three large dams “MANGLA” “TERBELA” and chushma” but these dams are insufficient the fulfill the necessities of our 14 crore population in past we have damned the great plan of “Kala bagh dam” just for the sake of our political and provincial prejudices and still we are paying a high price for it. Today we are purchasing the electricity from the other countries at such a high cost that any other country can not imagine it. Even in our capital “Islamabad” and Rawalpindi” the system of water provide is flawed. after getting the ability. I’ll problem the order of establishing the “Kala Bagh Dam” instantly only for our nationwide curiosity above all my private curiosity. Though at this time Pakistan is going through many issues which ought to be solved instantly but when I feel we are able to overcome all these issues by fixing an important above talked about issues.